Compassion, music and community – Matt Le Mare

Compassion and music are two passions of mine, and as previously shared on the community blog Matt Le Mare has been blending these together. Matt has chatted with me about a new idea which adds community which we hope you might like to get involved with – this post captures Matt’s idea.

Matt is a HCPC registered music therapist presently working with a wide variety of people in therapy. He also trains music therapists at Derby University. It is here that Matt encountered Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and trained as a CFT practitioner with Paul Gilbert. This lead Matt to explore how these two therapeutic, supportive interventions could be brought together.

Compassion is supportive of creativity. It can help us to approach being creative without our inner judge critiquing our efforts, to enjoy the process as well as the outcome and to be creative for the pleasure and connection to others it gives us. It allows us to view others creative outputs with a common understanding and appreciation.  Creativity comes in many, many forms….from bringing together ingredients to make a cake (another one of my passions!), to painting , drawing, knitting, dancing, poetry…and so on.  

Music is something that like compassion can move us.  It can energise us towards action, it can calm and soothe us.  It brings memories and allows stories to be told.  So it was very exciting to hear about Matt’s new project, which we hope the #365DaysOfCompassion community would like to be involved with, supporting and perhaps contributing to it. 

Matt is developing a shared Compassionate music community on the Bandcamp platform, where he and fellow musicians will share music inspired by compassionate themes. Music and be downloaded for free and gifted to a friend just as you would buy flowers or send a thoughtful message in a card. All money goes straight to compassionate charities. The music is designed to help with sleep, support CFT practises and to dance! There is a piece on there to celebrate the end of the pandemic.

What would be lovely is if this creative initiative had other people from within the community sharing their creativity on there too.

This could be a musical track or a poem which Matt could add music to or an art form that could be accompanied by music. It’s an open invitation to share our collective creativity. Two contributions soon so click and Follow what is happening as it happens.

Hope you find this interesting, Chris

Blog post image via blocks on Unsplash


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