#1000DaysOfCompassion 28th September 2020

As highlighted in this post Monday 28th September is not only Day 270 of the 2020 #365DaysOfCompassion, it is the 1000th day that the hashtag has been running.

In response to that post there were some lovely ideas put forward by the community to help mark this, thank you to everyone who commented and suggested.

One really stood out as an idea, which was that anyone who would want to, would post on social media (whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or all three ! ) a post which expressed one way that the hashtag helps them or what it means to them. The original idea put forward (thanks Shelley) was the posts would be a picture or a short video so that we might get to see more faces of the community , across which many people have connected. I know some people may not be comfortable doing that, so am going to suggest the post can be whatever people want to do to help celebrate the day by sharing about the personal view of the hashtag.

So on Monday let’s see if we can flood social media with messages of compassion and kindness , by sharing one thing the hashtag has helped you with or means to you.

This can be a comment, supported if you would like by an image, or a video, or some music. And for those would like to record a message that would be lovely too. Someone else suggested it would be nice to get 1000 posts on the day 🙂 Not sure we can achieve that but let’s see what happens…

To help make sure none of the posts get missed then please add two hashtags to them – the usual #365DaysOfCompassion and one just for Monday #1000DaysOfCompassion.

It has been very quiet on the hashtag recently due to some very challenging personal times and as the daily posts get going again , this 1000 day milestone seems an apt way to bring some moments of lightness and joy into these challenging days that many of us face.

Hope you feel able to join in on Monday and look forward to seeing all of your lovely posts on the 28th.

Chris 💚


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