Budotherapy – Gabo Weis

Delighted to share this post by Gabo Weis, about his new book which combines ancient martial arts and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)…over to Gabo to explain more about the book and details of a free copy…

The Budotherapy book is on psychotherapy presence, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and the Martial Arts, engaged in the therapeutic encounter, and the development of our compassion qualities from the Bodo (the Warrior Way) and from the wisdom of the traditional Japanese martial arts.

The first part of the book touches my feelings and thoughts, dealing mainly with the state of mind, emotions and bodily presence of the therapist at the therapeutic space. Combining the ancient wisdom and the archetypes of the compassionate, peaceful warrior with the therapeutic challenge in the presence of difficult emotions, (“attacks”), when encountering dead-ends, and a sense of freezing and stress during the therapy session. Into this encounter with the “storm”, we learn to embrace the qualities of the wise and peaceful warrior which exists within us all.

Develop self-awareness, inner peace and self-worth

The second part connects Budotherapy to the world of mindfulness and CFT more directly, and presents techniques and instruments for interventions from the martial arts perspective. This is both in body and movement, as considerably as in analog and symbolic thinking. This section expands clinical thinking and intervention from individual therapy to the couple therapy, an area that I have developed in my clinical work and as a teacher in therapist training programs in recent years.

Approach your emotional world with honesty and courage

I am excited to share with you that my book “Budotherapy”, will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD for Kindle for only one day, at Wednesday the 19/8/2020!!! You’re warmly invited to enjoy this open & free opportunity.

Best wishes to all members of this precious community, Gabo

Gabo is a therapist using CFT and Mindfulness approaches, and is also a veteran teacher of traditional Karate. He is accredited as a psychotherapist , family and couples therapist, and body therapist by the relevant associations in Israel and is the founder of the Budotherapy Centre in Rehaovot, Israel.

Further details of Budotherapy can be found here on Gabo’s website https://en.gaboweis.com/martialartstherapy


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