The House I Live In – Raquel Barboza Lhullier

Here I am, inside my house.

Each of our homes has peculiarities, stories and marks.

Many feelings, which are ours and many that are from the humanity.

In this space, from my house, there is a physical distance that separates us and there is an invisible connection that connect us

My home is my body, my thoughts and emotions
In constant transformation
To give more space for new feelings, consciences and habits.

Here I am at my house, not knowing how long I will live.

A comfortable and safe space and at the same time in contact with the lack of control and uncertainties.

And when this is all over,
What have I taken from and what have I left in the house I lived in?

Raquel is an infant and child cognitive behavioural psychologist. Alongside her clinical practice Raquel is an author and co-author of books for children, families and professionals. For full details of her work please visit her website at


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