Remembering – Brad Hunter

In a foggy grove of saplings
A young boy shivers. Alone,
Wandering in reverie.

Time steps away from space.
Body begins to hum.

Gazing into the uncanny mist over the river
He is startled, suddenly seeing himself

This very moment far in the future.
The branches and air bear witness.

An elder looks at the back of his
Spotted hand–
How like the veins of a fallen maple leaf.

As he rubs palms together.
Moist and smooth and slippery,
There appears the shiny bark of saplings ,
Decades upstream,
By a river,
Left long ago.

He traces the rings of time
Circling the vast cove of the breast.
The temporary harbor of a timeless heart.

And I remember a young boy
Remembering me
Remembering him.

Image and words used with the kind permission of Brad.


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