Strike a pose!

Recently within the #365daysofcompassion community on Twitter a thread developed under the hashtag of #compassioninfashion. It was prompted from a tweet and recent video talk by Stan Steindl.

In the video Stan used a great metaphor of trying out new boots as you deepen compassionate awareness. This lead to lighthearted suggestion about socks as the next clothing item ….and Stan delivered, with a compassionate wish as ‘I slip on my favourite woolly socks, I now feel safe and warm.’

Now it could have ended there…but then Amanda Donnet decided to join in the clothing related tweets with two short poems, including this one inspired by a compassion headband….

A dark mess flails and blocks my view

whipped by uncertain winds

I envelop it in a cacophony of colour.

The tangled mass contained

but unchanged

allowing my furrowed brow to soften

face open

eyes open

(heart open)

And so a series of tweets lead to a few thoughts on compassion inspired clothing, including…..

  • compassionate self slippers? So soft, warm and cosy, I slip them on and immediately feel I belong. I am home.
  • for me it would have to be a compassionate quilt even though not strictly a fashion item.
  • think I would have to drop the fashion clothes and turn to bare feet. Walking along the beach, dipping my toes in the cold sea, feeling the pebbles under foot brings me right make to earth and makes me feel safe with mother nature.
  • compassion glasses for me. Different styles for different situations. Put them on and see the world through a compassionate lens
  • Get your cosiest socks on! Notice how soft and warm they are on your feet.This can be an aid in preparing us physiologically for soothing and self-compassion.
  • love the cold weather means I can get the beanies out…some of them rugby related (surprisingly), some just plain. Warm and reassuring, with a caring purpose.
  • the new #compassioninfashion collection! There are compassionate self coats, socks boots & scarves, even a fierce jumpsuit & head scarf. Working on a poncho-another beautiful piece to have & to hold.

Thanks to Stan and Amanda for inspiring this and to Carmalina , Rose, Hayley, Jane, Alison and Shelley joining me in sharing our ideas.

And so over to you…what clothing or fashion item would you include ? How would that represent or remind you of compassion. Leave a comment on the blog or on social media, would be great to have more in the wardrobe of compassion.




  1. For me my item of clothing would be a Techni-coloured dream coat that would envelope me and my dreams . My coat would be a representation of the spectrum of thoughts feelings and emotions that are the weave and web of experiences that make up the rich tapestry of my life ❤️

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