Ode to the therapy chair – Shelley Kerr & Sarah Rees

Sarah recently posted a picture of a chair she uses in her therapy practice, with the words “The stories a chair could tell! What I know for sure is that we share the same minds, the same fears, worries, we all just want to be accepted, liked, happy, healthy, loved, feel safe & secure, without this we struggle so sometimes we see a therapist

This prompted a poetic response from Shelley which is captured here, along with Sarah’s picture for the community blog.

This post is dedicated to all those therapists , like Shelley and Sarah, whose work touches so many lives, not just those they see in therapy, also the families and friends of those they directly help. Thank you for doing so with the simple, yet often forgotten, approach of meeting another’s suffering without judgement and with understanding.

I am your therapy chair.

Specially chosen with you in mind.

I will hold you in comfort,

in your darkest hours.

I will be there for you in sorrow & joy.

No matter what,

my arms are open to you.

With me, you can share anything.

Your secrets are safe with me.

If you focus on me,

I will help ground you.

I will always have your back.

I don’t expect anything in return.

I sit, quietly, patiently,

here for you

whenever you need me.


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