Compassion, intergration and synchronisation – Matt Le Mare

Delighted that Matt Le Mare has kindly shared some more of his musical pieces fro the community blog.  Matt shared some pieces based around companionate mind training exercises in this earlier post Compassionate mind training and music therapy.

Matt has shared three pieces for this post; one is an ensemble piece on compassion, the other two are inspired by  synchronisation and intergration. 

Hope you enjoy them – thanks to Matt for sharing with us.



Matt is a BAMT registered music therapist presently working with elders with dementia and a variety of private clients. He also trains music therapists at Derby University. It is here that Matt encountered Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and trained as a CFT practitioner with Paul Gilbert. Matt is very interested in how Compassion can be used alongside Music Therapy and has blended it into his approach with clients.


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