I wish that… – Raquel Barboza Lhullier

I wish that…

Sadness shows up so I can rethink what has real value and what I need to change in my life;

Fear protects me from the real dangers;

Anger defends my values and preserves my life;

Disgust appears at the right time to preserve me from adverse situations;

Joy comes in so that I can celebrate life and

Love remains to pacify and integrate.

If any of these emotions arise at the wrong time or exaggeratedly, may I have the capacity to recognize, accept, and call self-compassion.

Recognize and accept your emotions, talk to them, take it easy with yourself. Denying or fighting with your emotions is to wage a constant struggle against yourself

Words and image by Raquel Barboza Lhullier. (South of Brazil/2017)

Raquel is an infant and child cognitive behavioural psychologist. Alongside her clinical practice Raquel is an author and co-author of books for children, families and professionals. For full details of her work please visit her website at http://www.raquelblhullier.com.br


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