A thousand love poems – Jane Louise Razavet

A thousand love poems

These words

these are not my words

to keep…

Like the memory

of a beautiful flower

being born

or a fainting robin

at first dawn…


A thousand

love poems


and I



These words

these are not my words

to keep…


Jane Louise Razavet, is an artist, poet, teacher and researcher, working in compassion.

‘A thousand love poems’ is from one of Jane’s newer collections of poetry that she has been writing whilst on a journey to the heart of compassion with Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). It was inspired by Jane’s love of poetry and the compassionate wish to be able to share her work with others.

Jane had the honour and pleasure of presenting a collection of her work at the Compassionate Mind Foundation’s 7th International CFT conference in London last year. Since this time, Jane has finished writing two more personal collections of poetry. Jane continues on a compassionate journey, and immersing fully in what is now, for her, a lifelong compassion-led quest inspired by CFT, poetry and the creative arts.

The blog post image is an original piece of Jane’s art.

Thank you for sharing your words and art with the #365daysofcompassion blog Jane.




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