Dark Pool – Brad Hunter

Absolutely delighted that the talented Brad Hunter has shared another of his poems for the community blog. Thank you Brad.


Dark Pool

You say my friend

That your boat is too splintered,

That the waves of sorrow seep crash and threaten

Too dreadful a drowning,

That even the salt of the shore

Burns your tired and blistered feet,

That the still unhealed, the still unhealed, the still unhealed,

Chants its repeated chorus of accusations.


Take my hand

And let us dive together to darkness,

Let us enter the wound at the bottom of the world,

Below the black ocean floor,

Deeper than even the molten heart.


You say there are no dragons in your dead lake

And that your oars were long ago reef-wrecked?

Let us let, let us let us let go,

Forget the broken oars, splintered boat,

Leap between the verses, the learned lines and rehearsals,

Dive from the ghostly skull of fear and habit

Into the body of the wave and wound itself.


Let us drown into salvation,

That dragons may rise, turn and dance in the foam,

That angels and bodhisattvas may embrace weeping multitudes,

That the crystals of our suffering become jeweled offerings

In Eternity.


As we learn again to breathe below the bottom of the ocean,

As our own light scratches away at the pitch-black mirror

Of Unknowing.


Post image via Unsplash


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