The Community Blog- 2018 posts and future posts

The #365daysofcompassion community blog was launched towards the end of 2018 and we have had some great posts, with a real diversity of topics and format.

In this post am going to highlight the posts we had in 2018 and set out a few guidelines for anyone considering writing a post.

2018 posts

Two poems from the eloquent and insightful Brad Hunter, The Flowering Autumn Grasses and One Day

How we can tackle conflict with more compassion by Michelle Brenner

A lovely blog on connection and humanity by Maureen Cooper

How having a compassionate kit bag may help you by me

A deeply moving and personal reflection on how self-compassion has helped Sarah Rees, both professionally and personally

We ended the year with a lovely post by Hayley Quinn on taking a self-compassionate approach to Christmas

A huge thank you for all those who contributed in sharing the above posts.

Would you like to write a blog post ?

Inspired by the above ? It would be great to have some more blog posts this year and

I have had a few people ask me for some idea of content and format, so here goes :

Format suggestions

– as you can see from 2018 posts format can be as you would like : a formal post, a personal reflection, poetry. Other formats such as audio, music, video or artwork could also work.

– they can be short or long, no word count restrictions

Content suggestions:

– Personal reflection on how compassion, especially Compassion Focused Therapy or Compassionate Mind Training, have helped you or someone you know

– Sharing how compassion can help through examples or ideas that can be adopted into daily life

– Compassion inspired art

– Sharing of compassion related research work, by which I don’t mean formal research studies or papers. It would be lovely for the wider community to hear about some of the projects that people are working on.

Does that help ? If you would like more information, make a suggestion for a post or indeed submit a post, feel free to me contact via

I am hoping to post a couple of blogs based on some thoughts shared by Professor Paul Gilbert in the near future.

Hope you find this summary useful and thanks for helping make the #365daysofcompassion community what it is.

Have a gentle day, Chris


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