One Day – Brad Hunter

Our second post is a poem from Brad Hunter – thanks for sharing this with #365daysofcompassion Brad.

One day you might find

That you have been throwing your life

Against some invisible wall

Longer than you can remember.

On that day a crack may appear in that wall

You never knew existed.

Because you’ve stopped looking, it comes into view,

And just below the crack you might notice a handle

In this nonexistent wall,

And you realize there is a nonexistent door

In this wall that never was.

This handle beckons for a turning,

And this time you approach,

As one approaches things that may not be there,

With a curiosity, trust and gentleness you’ve never known,

And you turn with a turning borne of endless endurance

And the unshakable focus of a child in rapture.

Then you realize that it is not you turning,

But you that is turned.

For an instant you recognize you have not thrown yourself against anything

And perhaps for the first moment of your life

You have truly rested in your own presence.

You find yourself bathed in an unspeakable radiance and smile,

While the world opens in wide grin and whispers–

Welcome Home.


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